CZ Frame Work Guide

CZ frame packages receive as standard:

  • Shaping - The back strap receives minor shaping and blending.  This will provide a more comfortable feel in your palm.
  • Brain texture w/ recessed border - Our versatile texture, provides rock solid traction while not being overly abrasive.  We surround this texture with our recessed borders.

CZ Frame Options Explained

Magazine Release Service

For those who experience an extremely heavy magazine release on P-10 pistols, we have developed a solution.  We change how the factory parts interact providing you with a very usable magazine release.  (For P-10c pistols only, we require the complete frame)


2 Tone Frame

We utilize Cerakote to achieve a 2 tone frame.  The stippling will be the color of the factory polymer.  The rest of the frame will be your selected color.  To illustrate, the picture below started as a factory black frame.


HB Trigger Kit

A trigger kit from HB Industries providing a flat faced aluminum trigger shoe and spring kit.  This kit removes a substantial amount of pre-travel and comes with springs to adjust pull weight.


P-10c Action Enhancement

This service provides a smoothing of the interaction between critical trigger components within the firearm.  Our Action Enhancement will remove grit from the triggers travel.  Works great with HB Trigger Kit! (For P-10c only)


P-07/P-09 Action Enhancement

This service will be comparable to our P-10 Action Enhancement but will also include the CGW spring kit.