DCA Maverick

We begin this build with our LVL 2 slide milling package.  Front cocking serrations and pockets are milled into the slide.  The slide is then refinished in AlTiN.  The DCA Maverick features our Signature line frame work with the addition of the Index Cut and Shooters Cut options.  Our Signature frame package consists of a back strap reduction, finger groove removal, trigger guard undercut, and tang shaping.  Our Index Cut serves as a point of reference for your non dominant index finger on the under side of the trigger guard.  The shooters cut is a bevel at the top side of the trigger guard, allowing a more natural interaction with the trigger shoe.  A great option for a custom DCA Glock.

- Signature frame package

- Brain texture with recessed borders

- Back strap reduction, finger groove removal, tang shaping, trigger guard undercut

- Index cut

- Shooters cut

- LVL 2 slide milling package

- AlTiN finish on slide

- Dawson Precision Sights

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