DCA Trident

The DCA Trident is our go-to pistol.  We've added our LVL 3 slide milling package and AlTiN finish.  The slide also receives an RMR cut with a carbon fiber cover and suppressor height sights.  Included is our Signature line of frame work with an Index Cut, Shooters Cut and Shooters Ledges as options.  The Trident is also given a 2 tone frame.  Ready to ship to an FFL near you.

- Signature frame package

-Brain texture with recessed borders

-Back strap reduction, finger groove removal, tang shaping, trigger guard undercut

- Index cut

- Shooters cut

- Shooters Ledge

- 2 tone frame

- LVL 3 slide milling package

- RMR cut

- Carbon Kap

- AlTiN finish on slide

- Suppressor Height Sights

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